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Impact on voice

How to double your impact when presenting… halve your words and mind your voice!


Just recently I had a severe cold and sore throat.  It really hurt to talk – so I basically stopped talking for almost 2 days. Torture for me.  A...

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how to stop blushing

Tips on remembering names to help eliminate the 50 shades…of red!


Forgetting someone’s name can be quite embarrassing.  On the other hand when you actually succeed in remembering someone’s name it...

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Guest blogging

Guest Blogging – How to Make Sure it Delivers for You


This is the second part of the recent blog by Suzanne May. Suzanne is the owner of Story Gem, a professional writing service, which helps small...

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Guest blogs

Allowing Guest Blogs on Your Site – What You Need to Know


This blog is the first in a series of 2 on the topic of guest blogging.  It comes from the wonderful Suzanne May.  Suzanne is the owner of Story...

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radio interview

And now for something … a bit different!


Below is an interview that Barbara Moynihan, the founder of On Your Feet, did on South Dublin FM with Joe Dalton of Breakthrough Brands. It gives you...

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Oscars 2018 – who wins the best speech award?


USA today described last night’s Oscars as a “relatively tame and predictable night”. Is that a fair description? Maybe it was. Maybe it...

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Oscar acceptance speeches – and why Liam Neeson may be glad he never won!


The Oscars are just a day away. I’m sure the question on everyone’s’ lips is – Who will be the winners? But there are others who are more...

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Face to face communication

5 tips for your face to face communications – specifically presentations


1. Water, water but never milk!  Never drink milk before a presentation as it coats your vocal chords and impedes your vocal impact. ...

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