My quirky presentation tips using the acronym: C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.

Here are some light-hearted quirky Christmas Presentation Tips using the acronym C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. – enjoy!

C is for CEO.  Have you ever noticed that most CEOs tend to stand tall and command a room?  There’s no reason why can’t do that too!   So, just before you speak, stand as tall as you can and maintain that stance.  It will make you look and feel more confident.

H is for Happy! Look happy to be with your listeners.  The alternative is to look unhappy and miserable which is less likely to help you build that all-important rapport.  However, do bear in mind to match your facial expression with your content.  For example, if your message is to deliver bad news – best not to look as happy as you would for a more up-beat presentation.

R is for Reduce.  Reduce your content to increase your impact.  Most people have too much content in their presentations.  If you reduce your content it is a win-win situation.  You win, because you have less to remember,  Your audience wins because they have less content to try to and absorb.  Save your additional material for the questions and answers.

I is for Include.  Include your audience as much as you can.  Try asking questions to get them involved, use analogies that resonate with them and if at all possible have them contribute – if nothing else, it keeps them awake!

S is for Squeeze.  Squeeze your buttocks – if you are feeling nervous it is a great way to do something useful with the adrenalin.  The 3 main benefits of doing this are 1) it can bring a smile to your face because it is a bit whacky!  2) it is great for your glutes, aka gluteus maximus 3) most importantly, it takes your mind off the nerves.  Try it – it definitely works!

T is for Talk.  Talk nicely to yourself before your presentation.  Quite often people tell me about how they feel about their presentation skills.  “I’m just no good at presenting … I always forget something … I feel I am not coming across as myself”.   Stop talking to yourself in a negative way – talk nicely to yourself. 

M is for Mantra.   Following from our previous point –  find a positive mantra to get yourself in the right frame of mind.  Use positive language.  It might be something as simple as “I am ready for this and it is going to go really well”.  Or you could use the Mohammed Ali one … “I AM the greatest”.  It really doesn’t matter what you say so long as it works for YOU.

A is for Audience.  They are the most important people in the room.  You are speaking to get an action or reaction from them.  Keep this in mind at every step as you prepare and deliver your presentation.

S is for Smile – wherever appropriate.  Apart from the fact that it is the cheapest way to improve your looks, smiling has numerous benefits.  These include, lowering your heart rate, releasing endorphins and last, but not least, it makes you look more confident regardless of how you feel inside.

So, whether you have to speak in public at Christmas time or any time – remember the acronym and it might just help you to give your best presentation ever!

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