• We believe one of the most important elements in presenting is to be yourself and we always focus on this during training.

  • Prior to attending any of our sessions we have a process to find out exactly what you wish to achieve – this allows us to deliver more targeted training.

  • We video you and give you supportive yet extremely frank and focussed feedback.

  • Our methodology is based around “learning by doing” and keeping things highly interactive.

About On Your Feet
  • We focus on getting you “on your feet” as often as possible.

  • We run all of our training extremely professionally, yet also keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun.

  • We always give the video feedback 1 to 1 in a separate room.

  • We do not run an entire suite of training programmes. We niche in our area and are experts.

  • If you are not entirely satisfied – we will give you your money back.