On this fast paced, highly interactive online masterclass, delivered in 2 modules, we focus on helping you bring your presentation skills to the next level. We spend less time on theory and more time on learning by discovery. After the masterclass you will be given lifetime access to a client-only area on our website which contains links to helpful videos, books, talks, blogs and downloadable programme notes.

Before attending the virtual masterclass (via Zoom) we send you a link to our video platform. Through this platform, you have the opportunity to answer some short questions which helps us to get a better idea of your needs.

This means that even though it is a group event, the facilitator can focus on the individual needs of each trainee so that they can get the most from the programme.

Our next LIVE online 2 module Virtual Presentation Skills Masterclass will be Spring 2024.

Click BOOK NOW for the full list of all upcoming live online Masterclasses and details of costs. Our standard rate is €476 (ex VAT), however we do run special Early Bird rates from time to time.


Why choose the Open Live Online Masterclass option?

Improve your presentation skills
without leaving
your home

Hone your
skills in a safe

one attendee before
in-company option

to an objective

for individual

Network virtually
with peers from
other industries

  • Improve your presentation skills without leaving your home
  • Hone your skills in a safe environment
  • Trial one attendee before in-company option
  • Practice to an objective audience
  • Ideal for individual attendees
  • Network virtually with peers from other industries

After this live online programme you will be able to:

  • Implement a simple 3-step matrix to prepare for success
  • Identify and enhance your own natural style
  • Use the SSS for starting superbly
  • Apply best practice for posture in a virtual setting
  • Adjust body language for virtual delivery
  • Maximise vocal impact
  • Engage and connect with a virtual audience
  • Create and maintain rapport
  • Control nerves
  • Communicate with increased self-confidence
  • 8 ways to open and 8 ways to close a presentation
  • Understand PowerPoint best practice

This highly interactive live online programme is for those who wish to improve how they prepare for and deliver virtual presentations.  While we focus on virtual presentations – the skills gained on this programme are relevant to any situation where you have to communicate verbally. This means that tools, techniques and skills are transferrable to help you to communicate with added impact in any virtual or face-to-face communications.

It is suitable for those who already have some experience presenting but want to bring their skills to the next level.     

This programme is participatory, fast-moving and will focus on you learning through discovery rather than “lecture-style” delivery.

We use a variety of interactive digital tools and delivery techniques to make this virtual programme varied and engaging.

Before the programme we send you a link to our video platform – typically you will receive this a few days before the programme. Your facilitator will introduce themselves to you and let you know a bit more about the programme. You have the opportunity to let us know a bit more about you and your specific needs via video to us. With the insights you share, this allows us to address your needs as an individual even though you are on a group programme.

During the programme you will receive 1 to 1 feedback on your presentation. Specifically, in the first module you receive this in a breakout room, 1 to 1 with your facilitator. They will give you feedback on what you are doing well and give very specific guidance on how to improve.

After the programme, you will be given lifetime access to a client only area on our website where we have helpful videos, books, talks, blogs and in-depth downloadable programme notes.

In order to allow time for personalised feedback we limit online attendees to 8.