We are a team of 5 based in Dublin and deliver training both virtually and in-person across Ireland and beyond.

All of our facilitators hold multiple qualifications, both in the area of business as well as learning and development.  In addition to this, they are all fully qualified in the area of Personal Development and Executive Coaching.

Prior to becoming facilitators, all held roles in a wide range of sectors from IT, to finance to healthcare.

We believe that the combination of our real-life business experience and the academic qualifications help us to understand our clients and help them better, regardless of the type of business they operate in.

Barbara Moynihan


Sharon Sheppard


Debbie Walsh


Majella Byrne


Aideen Lowe


Why choose Us?

We know we are different from others who do what we do and here are 10 reasons why:

  • We believe one of the most important elements in presenting is to be yourself and we always focus on this during training.

  • Prior to attending any of our sessions we have a process to find out exactly what you wish to achieve – this allows us to deliver more targeted training.

  • We do not run an entire suite of training programmes. We niche in our area and are experts.

  • Our methodology is based around “learning by doing” and keeping things highly interactive.

  • We focus on getting you “on your feet” as often as possible.

About On Your Feet
  • We run all of our training extremely professionally, yet also keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun.

  • We run our courses from 9 to 5:30 – 2 hours longer than many of our competitors.

  • We video you and give you supportive yet extremely frank and focussed feedback.

  • We always give the video feedback 1 to 1 in a separate room.

  • If you are not entirely satisfied – we will give you your money back.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A portion of the proceeds from each On Your Feet masterclass has been donated to the Irish charities below over the last few years.

Down Syndrome Ireland Charity
St Vincent dePaul Charity
Because I am a Girl Charity
Boston Scientific