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first impression on zoom

6 Ways to Create a Great First Impression on Zoom, Teams or any Virtual Platform


In a virtual meeting we are more likely to clue into what we “see” before what we “hear”. And it takes very little time for people to form...

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6 steps to a successful speech or presentation


The steps below won’t guarantee a successful speech but they might just help.  They also work for presentations but in the name of...

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SSS of presenting

The SSS of Presenting and Why You Need To Know It


Sometimes the first minute of a presentation can be the most nerve wrecking. The 3 simple tips below will help you get over the hump and start more...

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How to gesture naturally


Occasionally on a programmes a participant will say that they feel “fake” when they gesture and it is not in their nature to gesture....

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how to stop blushing

Oops I did it again …. How to deal with blushing in a presentation


Blushing can be very embarrassing, when it happens during a presentation, it can make us even more nervous. It happens to the best of us, it even...

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Christmas Presentation Tips

Christmas Presentation Tips


Towards the end of each year, you may be asked to give a presentation, such as an end of year review, targets for the next year etc., to your team,...

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Pausing in presentations

8 reasons why pausing makes you a better presenter


SOS relates to the Sound Of Silence– or put another way…. Pausing.  There are immense benefits to using this powerful presenting...

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virtual presentations

Keep your audience engaged in your virtual presentations with these 5 tips


One question that we are constantly asked by our clients when giving virtual presentations is “how on earth do we keep a virtual audience...

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