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Keep your virtual audience engaged with these 5 tips


One question that we are constantly asked by our clients is “how on earth do we keep a virtual audience engaged?” When you give a...

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From Spongebob to Beckett – an Irish actor’s insights on vocal impact and diversity


Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the actor and voice-over artist Marcus Lamb. Marcus has extensive experience of screen, theatre and...

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Group presentation

6 tips to help your group presentations be a dream – not a nightmare!


A large proportion of the presentation skills masterclasses we carry out in-company tend to be for individuals within a team.  These individuals...

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On Your Seat! 5 tips for when you give presentations sitting down


It is natural to stand when giving a presentation – it helps us to feel confident, more in control and gives us an air of authority.  We can see...

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Leo, leading by example, staying calm under pressure!


On 17th March at 9pm, like many other Irish families we sat, with more than a touch of trepidation as we waited for a speech from our Taoiseach, Leo...

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10 ways to build rapport when presenting


Have you ever sat in a presentation nodding along to the presenter, feeling as though they are talking directly to you? You hang onto their every...

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10 TEDx tips from idea to delivery


Many people have an ambition to deliver a TEDx talk – it is a wonderful ambition to have!  It was an ambition I had, and managed to fulfill in...

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5 key areas of body language to keep in mind when presenting


What is the first thing you think of when you are preparing to give a presentation? I bet it’s not your body language!  And yet how we come across...

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