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Group presentation

6 tips to help your group presentations be a dream – not a nightmare!


A large proportion of the presentation masterclasses we carry out in-company tend to be for individuals within a team.  These individuals want to...

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Barbara Moynihan TEDx talk

Top tips for TEDx – or any talk for that matter!


Over the past 10 years or so TED has become a global phenomenon. TED is the global stage where speakers get to share their big idea.  TEDx events...

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World Speech Day

World Speech Day


Today is World Speech Day, so what better day to share our new Infographic!     If you have a speech coming up or a specific public...

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virtual presentation

3 key points to help you prepare for a virtual presentation


With the advancement of technology, the world has suddenly become a very small place. Whether you’re a small business using remote workers, or a...

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How to: Be Yourself, even in a presentation


“Be yourself- everyone else is already taken”, one of my favourite quotes by Oscar Wilde.   It popped into my head, during a recent yoga...

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powerpoint presentation

Guest Post: 3 tips for professional looking PowerPoint presentations


Sharon works with us on the admin end of our business.  She is a font of efficiency and knowledge on all things relating to running your business. ...

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Impact on voice

How to double your impact when presenting… halve your words and mind your voice!


Just recently I had a severe cold and sore throat.  It really hurt to talk – so I basically stopped talking for almost 2 days. Torture for me.  A...

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how to stop blushing

Tips on remembering names to help eliminate the 50 shades…of red!


Forgetting someone’s name can be quite embarrassing.  On the other hand when you actually succeed in remembering someone’s name it...

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