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3 tips to handle a Q+A session effectively


Do you or your sales team give great presentations but fall at the Q+A session? Many years ago, when I was consulting for a major telecoms company, I...

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5 tips to help boost your confidence when presenting


Did you know that a fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10%?  We believe that statistic alone should bump you into action! However, one of the...

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Preparation tips before presenting


We are huge TED fans here at On Your Feet.  We’re constantly reading the TED blog, watching their talks and picking up tips on presenting,...

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Does hiring a speech writer Trump doing it yourself?


For those of us with an interest in public speaking and speeches – the American Presidential campaign is certainly providing lots of entertainment,...

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Barbara Moynihan TEDx talk

Top tips for TEDx – or any talk for that matter!


Over the past 10 years or so TED has become a global phenomenon. TED is the global stage where speakers get to share their big idea.  TEDx events...

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virtual presentation

3 key points to help you prepare for a virtual presentation


With the advancement of technology, the world has suddenly become a very small place. Whether you’re a small business using remote workers, or a...

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How to: Be Yourself, even in a presentation


“Be yourself – everyone else is already taken”, one of my favourite quotes by Oscar Wilde.   It popped into my head, during a recent...

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powerpoint presentation

Guest Post: 3 tips for professional looking PowerPoint presentations


Sharon works with us on the admin end of our business.  She is a font of efficiency and knowledge on all things relating to running your business. ...

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