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facial expressions

The importance of facial expressions during hybrid presentations


Presentation skills is not just about the words you speak or the content on your slides.  It encompasses everything… your gestures, your posture,...

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hybrid meeting

How to present with impact to a hybrid audience


According to a new Harvard Business School Survey 61% of people say they would like to have a hybrid working structure. And a survey from CIPD...

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How to use the Section Zoom tool to add impact to your PowerPoint presentations


If you want to take your presentation slides up a level, this step-by-step tutorial will show you how to use the Section Zoom tool to add more impact...

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virtual meetings camera on

How to encourage people to turn on their camera during virtual meetings


Whilst it has become the norm now to present virtually and attend more virtual meetings, there still may be times when you host a meeting and are met...

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first impression on zoom

6 Ways to Create a Great First Impression on Zoom, Teams or any Virtual Platform


In a virtual meeting we are more likely to clue into what we “see” before what we “hear”. And it takes very little time for people to form...

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6 steps to a successful speech or presentation


The steps below won’t guarantee a successful speech but they might just help.  They also work for presentations but in the name of...

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SSS of presenting

The SSS of Presenting and Why You Need To Know It


Sometimes the first minute of a presentation can be the most nerve wrecking. The 3 simple tips below will help you get over the hump and start more...

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How to gesture naturally


Occasionally on a programmes a participant will say that they feel “fake” when they gesture and it is not in their nature to gesture....

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