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How to present in a concise (and interesting) way!


Your presentation should be like a mini skirt, long enough to cover the bare essentials and short enough to keep people interested! You have...

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Top Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Time!


This month we are delighted to do something a bit different.  Sharon, who is our operations coordinator, also runs her own business Sharon’s...

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Rhetoric – what is it and why must you use it in persuasive communications?


We all know that people will absorb our message via what they see and what they hear. So, it is our body language, how our voices sound (tone, pace...

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Virtual Meetings Etiquette


As with any form of communication, there is a certain etiquette, or list of unspoken rules/guidelines, that should be followed when giving or...

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Best practice for presentation slides: Virtually vs In-person


Whilst we know how important the delivery of a presentation is – both in-person and virtual – the slides often take a back seat when it comes to...

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How to appear more confident when presenting


Being able to present confidently is a skill, and like any other skill it requires plenty of practice in order to develop and improve it.  By...

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3 ways to add more energy into your virtual presentations


When you give a presentation, you know how important it is to be engaging and energetic to keep your audiences’ attention on you.  This is...

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How to be more persuasive when presenting


One of the many challenges presenters face is how to be persuasive, engaging and likable all at the same time during their presentation. Whether you...

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