How to gesture naturally

Hands gesturing

Occasionally during a Masterclass a participant will say that they feel “fake” when they gesture and it is not in their nature to gesture.  Yet, at the coffee break I see them in full flight, gesturing like crazy!


Because when they talk about topics they are interested in they become highly animated.

So what does this mean for you?

The trick is to take note of the gestures you use when you are with friends, family or work colleagues when you are telling them about an event or even talking on a topic that winds you up!

When you have noted those gestures see if there is a way you can incorporate some of them into your next presentation – they are the ones you use when you are being natural so they should look more natural when you use them.

The more natural you feel… the more confident you will be… the more connected to the audience you will be!

For further tips on confidence building see our top 3 tips to help you start presentations more confidently.

Good luck with the new gestures!