Three reasons why More is Less

More is Less … yes, you read it correctly “More is Less” not the usual “Less is More”.  In terms of presenting, this really is something I like to harp on about.  So much so – I have it on the back of my business cards.  In short, the more you talk the less people listen.

However, there are many other reasons for my love of this expression.  Following my own advice, I will keep the reasons to the top 3, rather than give you more because you will remember less!

1.  Less for your audience to digest.

Think of all the presentations you have sat through – how much do you remember?  Probably not a lot.  So, if the presenter is covering more and more content, the less likely you are to remain engaged and consequently digest.

2.  Less for you as a speaker to remember.

Many people whom I work with have a fear of forgetting a point.  When I see the volume of information they plan to present – I am not surprised they have this fear, the volumes can be totally terrifying!

Chop your content, you will have less to remember and less to fear forgetting.

3.  Less time speaking!

Andy Bounds, in his book “The Jelly Effect” says that most people talk too much, too much of the time.  Think of how much time is wasted in presentations where the speaker goes on and on and on and on – and quite often ends up repeating themselves.

If you watch any of the talks on you will notice that they maximum length is normally a mere 18 minutes.  When you speak for less time you tend to chose your words more carefully and cut out the waffle.  This results in a crisper message and a more engaged audience.


So, the next time you get on your feet, do yourself and your listeners and try the More is Less approach.

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