Customer Service – cockpit style!

As I write this blog, I am sitting on a plane from Heathrow to Dublin.

I am on my way back from The Professional Speakers Association UK & Ireland Conference. Over the next little while I will be posting blogs with some of the nuggets from the Conference.

Today though, this post is about a positive customer service experience in a negative situation that I experienced on my journey to the conference.

Normally, I fly with our own Aer Lingus but the British Airways (BA) flight times suited better.  It was my first time to fly BA and I was curious as to how it would compare to the great customer service of Aer Lingus.  So, there we are, sitting on the BA flight waiting to take off on Friday morning.  The captain comes over the tannoy and very pleasantly welcomes us on-board.

Then, he tells us that there’s fog in Heathrow and we will be delayed for 40 mins. Cue, 150 passengers simultaneously groaning. Then, he says that seeing as how we have a bit of time on the ground, that any children on board who would like to come and see the cockpit were more than welcome.

Any adults were also welcome – cue 150 passengers simultaneously cheering. Well, slight (okay – gross!) exaggeration but there was a definite lightening of the atmosphere.

I know it was a very simple touch but it was a nice touch, that was appreciated.

As for the visitors to the cockpit – I saw at least 5 and while many  of them may have been kids at heart…. They certainly were not actually kids!
So, the next time you have a disappointing situation for a client – how could you deliver a “cockpit” moment?

Ps I should add that the pilots in the picture flew the flight home, they very kindly allowed me to take their photo for this blog.