Client Resources

As a thank you for attending one of our programmes, below are links to books, online talks, videos, and blogs which we think you will find helpful.

We hope you are putting into practice all you have learned from us and that you are “on your feet” presenting at every opportunity!  If we can be of further help to you, do please get in touch.

Programme Notes

We have put together in-depth programme notes for you to download and use when you are preparing for and giving a presentation. Click the thumbnail image of whichever section you would like to download and the PDF will open in a new tab.


We have put together a simple checklist to help you when giving virtual presentations or video calls.  Click the button below to download your free copy.


The Jelly Effect
by Andy Bounds

Great book for sales and pitches. A wonderful quote from the book is “most people talk too much, too much of the time!”

Presentation Zen
by Garr Reynolds

This is a brilliant book on how to help you do better presentations (in particular with regards to PowerPoint slides).

by Amy Cuddy

We cannot recommend this highly enough for everything to do with body language, how it affects how others perceive you but also how it affects you internally.

It is not so much about presenting but more of a general personal development book which helps a great deal with general people skills. It includes reference to why putting a pencil in your mouth makes you feel happier!


The video below proves if you think about stress in a positive way that it is actually good for you.

Steve Jobs’ Stanford University speech is well worth looking at.

This is a brilliant video about Body Language by Amy Cuddy which basically proves that how you stand affects your confidence.

Here is another great video, it is done by Sir Ken Robinson – note how he immediately opens with a bit of humour relevant to his audience.

When the pressure is on, why do we sometimes fail to live up to our potential? Sian Leah Beilock explains below.

How to speak so that people want to listen, Julian Treasure, includes vocal tips.

Matt Abrahams strategic communication expert Stanford – 1 hour recording of him giving a workshop around speaking off the cuff.

The video below shows the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique.

The Toastmasters Champion of Public Speaking 2014 Dananjaya Hettiarachchi gives a 20 minute and 7 minute version of the same speech. Notice how the short one is significantly more impactful than the longer version.

The video below shows some great before and after slide examples.

The video below is the Wharton Commencement Speech by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

This is the TEDx talk by our founder Barbara Moynihan: “You probably are more intelligent than you think you are”

Blog Links

Below are a list of blog posts which we think may come in handy.  A couple of them are external links, and the remainder are a selection of our most popular blogs.  You can access all of our blogs by clicking here.

Insights on first impressions within 1 tenth of a second.

Insights on research done on TED talks.

Tips for when you give presentations sitting down.

Tips for speaking to raise your profile.

Tips for preparing to give a virtual presentation.

Tips on preparing for Q+A.

Tips for group presentations.

Tips to help boost your confidence when presenting.


Below are a few tools which we find useful when giving presentations, in-person or virtually:

The Logitech R700 Wireless Presentation Remote presenter that has a built in timer – link on Amazon UK.

The Logitech C920 Webcam – link on

The Yeti Blue Nano Professional Microphone – link on Amazon UK.

Light Ring for using with smartphone (rechargeable) – link on Amazon UK.

Light Ring for using with video including tripod – link on Amazon UK.

Standing Desk – link on AJ Products Ireland.

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