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Truth hurts… but not in the long run


We are delighted to have our founder’s brother, Sean McMahon, doing a guest post about how honesty is always the best policy, especially when it...

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5 tips for creating a fantastic first impression


“How long does it take to create a first impression?”   Two minutes? Twenty seconds? Two seconds?  Some psychologists* would suggest that the...

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start a presentation

How to lose listeners & alienate your audience!


So here are 5 ways not to open your presentation: 1. Wear a long gloomy face – definitely do not smile.  If you...

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How to read a speech and still have an impact – 5 tips to help you do it better.

How to read a speech and still have an impact – 5 tips to help you do it better.


You probably know that it is not ideal to read a speech or presentation.   However, there are occasions that for legal or other reasons you may...

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The teacher becomes the student!

The teacher becomes the student!


Last week I delivered a ‘Masterclass in Presentation Delivery’ to members of the Professional Speakers Association North West (PSA NW) in...

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On the Question of Questions – how do we prepare effectively?


Quite often people have fears around the questions and answers session of a presentation.  Totally understandable. We can prepare a presentation,...

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Teachings from TEDx


One of my favourite gigs is being a speaker coach for TEDx speakers. Yesterday I was working with a group of speakers for the TEDx Fulbright Dublin...

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What can a blender disaster teach you about presenting?


When people hear what I work at they often ask the question.  “What is your best tip”? My best tip can vary depending on who I am talking to. ...

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