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Top Tips for Body Language


In over 15 years of working with all types of people on their presentations – from CEOs to those starting out in their presenting career, the...

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Top Tips for Communicating with Confidence


Yesterday evening I was delighted to be invited to speak at the 3Day Startup event held in The Gravity Centre in Dublin.  For more about Gravity...

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Spoken Language vs Body Language

Spoken Language vs Body Language


This is an introductory post from Zoe, who has just started working with us. Zoe is a psychology graduate and so offers a different and interesting...

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Three reasons why More is Less

Three reasons why More is Less


More is Less … yes, you read it correctly “More is Less” not the usual “Less is More”.  In terms of presenting, this...

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My top 3 PowerPoint Slide Show tools to make you look even more professional.


Within PowerPoint there are some really cool slide show tools that can help you to look more professional.   Pressing F1 during a slideshow will...

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Tips on delivering presentations from a 9 year old


This is Kaitlin, she is 9 years old.  Recently, she did her first ever presentation.  The topic was “The Lifecycle of a Butterfly”.   She...

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Tips for networking


Top tips on networking and in particular speed networking. Tonight I have the pleasure of facilitating a speed networking session in the Coca Cola...

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The Male Voice Choir and your Group Presentations


Recently I had a most unusual request from a friend who is in a male voice choir.  As someone who was kicked out of the school choir (yes, it is...

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