group presentations

Group presentation

6 tips to help your group presentations be a dream – not a nightmare!

A large proportion of the presentation skills masterclasses we carry out in-company tend to be for individuals within a team.  These individuals want to give their presentation skills a serious overhaul to bring them to the next level.  Or in some instances, individuals on the team are giving their own presentation at a conference, all hands, quarterly business review or other internal or external event and want to be at their absolute best.
However, more and more, we find clients approaching us to work with teams of people who would not ordinarily present.
Why so?
Well, the main reason is that quite often clients, or prospective clients, want to see more than a salesperson.  They want to see the people who they will deal with, day to day and week to week, in the course of transacting their business.  Whether that is an outsourced IT team, auditors or a creative team.
Presenting as a group raises certain issues that you need to address so that your team comes across as a cohesive T...