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Dealing with Questions in a Presentation (part 2)


In our last post, we discussed what you could do before your presentation when you know there’s going to be a Q&A session. In this post...

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Dealing with Questions in a Presentation (part 1)


In a recent webinar, we asked the audience what their biggest challenge is when it comes to dealing with questions in their presentations. The top...

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The Importance of Body Language in Leadership Presentations


According to a recent Forbes article over 40% of workers said that poor communication skills are reducing trust both in leadership and in their...

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Create Hybrid Harmony with these Tips


For many of us, hybrid presenting has become the ‘norm’.  And while a lot of elements of communication are the same in terms of preparation,...

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Managing Presentation Nerves: Tips for Staying Calm and Confident


Presentation nerves is a common issue faced by many professionals.  The thought of standing in front of an audience and delivering a presentation...

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Focus on Doing


Do you have the right life work balance? Are you killing yourself with work? If so, why? These are the questions that our founder, Barbara Moynihan...

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A Month Out – How, Why and What I Learned


This January I took a full month away from the business.  While I love my clients and delivering communication skills coaching, it was total bliss...

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Why you do not need to be a “Perfect” presenter


A piece of advice that many people I coach on presentations find reassuring is this – you don’t need to be perfect, it is much more...

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