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Recommended Reading

The Jelly Effect
by Andy Bounds

Great book for sales and pitches. A wonderful quote from the book is “most people talk too much, too much of the time!”

by Amy Cuddy

We cannot recommend this highly enough for everything to do with body language, how it affects how others perceive you but also how it affects you internally.

On Your Feet Channel

Below are a couple of our videos regarding virtual presentations, which you might find helpful.  If you want to stay up to date with our latest videos, please subscribe to our channel by clicking here.

More Videos

This brilliant video about Body Language by Amy Cuddy, basically proves that how you stand affects your confidence.

How to speak so that people want to listen, Julian Treasure, includes vocal tips.

This is the TEDx talk by our founder Barbara Moynihan: “You probably are more intelligent than you think you are” – which has been referred to in previous webinars with regards to the David Beckham slide.

Blog Links

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Below are a few tools which we find useful when giving presentations, in-person or virtually:

Solo Speed Test Exercise – download here.

The Logitech R700 Wireless Presentation Remote presenter that has a built in timer – link on Amazon UK.

The Logitech C920 Webcam – link on

The Yeti Blue Nano Professional Microphone – link on Amazon UK.

Light Ring for using with smartphone (rechargeable) – link on Amazon UK.

Light Ring for using with video including tripod – link on Amazon UK.

Standing Desk – link on AJ Products Ireland.

Boston Scientific
Bord Gais Energy