10 TEDx tips from idea to delivery

Many people have an ambition to deliver a TEDx talk – it is a wonderful ambition to have!  It was an ambition I had, and managed to fulfill in October 2016.  I was thrilled to be able to share my message that “you probably are more intelligent than you think you are” in my talk.  This is a personal topic that is about my eldest daughter Katie.  She struggled academically and yet was super intelligent in other ways.
You would think that, as a TEDx speaker coach since 2014 and a high impact presentations facilitator since 2001 I would have found it super easy to put together my own talk.
Not so!  I have to confess, I did struggle to hone my talk – typical of the shoemaker and shoes!  This talk is so different to training or speaking at an event, areas in which I am totally within my comfort zone.  Many of the speakers I coach say the same thing, it really is a different type of talk altogether.
Recently I did a Live Stream with Lottie Hearn of  #LIVEWithLottie ConfidenceO...

Preparation tips before presenting

We are huge TED fans here at On Your Feet.  We’re constantly reading the TED blog, watching their talks and picking up tips on presenting, speaking and communication which we then share with our own clients, and you!
One of the TED speaker coaches we admire is Gina Barnett.  Gina has been a TED speaker coach since 2011 and is the author of Play the Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success.
She shares her tips on preparing for TED Talks and communication techniques.
In this blog post we thought we would share the link to one of our favourite articles by Gina… in case you hadn’t come across it:
A TED speaker coach shares 11 tips for right before you go on stage.
We hope you pick up some useful pointers you can use next time you give a presentation, and if you want further tips check out our earlier blog where Barbara shares her tips following her own experience of giving a TEDx Talk....
Barbara Moynihan TEDx talk

Top tips for TEDx – or any talk for that matter!

Over the past 10 years or so TED has become a global phenomenon. TED is the global stage where speakers get to share their big idea.  TEDx events (as defined on TED) are organised by curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their own community.  As a TEDx speaker coach, my role is predominantly to help the speakers in the physical delivery of their talk.  After all, it is their idea, their talk and their job to put it together.
I have been a TEDx speaker coach since 2014 and have loved every minute of coaching speakers to deliver at their very best.  However, when I did my own talk in Dublin in 2016 – “You probably are more intelligent than you think you are” I picked a few insider insights which I now share with the speakers I coach.
While these tips are primarily intended for TEDx speakers – they can be helpful for any talk.

Get clarity on your idea.

This might sound pretty basic – and it is!  You have to get absolute clarity on your...

Tips for TEDx

This coming Saturday The Fulbright Commission of Ireland will host the first ever TEDxFulbright event in Ireland.  The event will be held on Saturday 5th April in the Smock Alley Theatre, Exchange Street, Dublin 2.
I was delighted to be engaged as the speaker coach for these wonderful speakers with diverse and stimulating topics.  During the 1 to 1 sessions with each speaker there were 2 key points that we discussed before looking at 10 tips.  All of these have a certain amount of relevance to any talk that we are giving.  Some of them are more relevant when the talk is being videoed and in particular when it is being videoed for viewing internationally.
Key Point #1 – Who?
It is important to consider the audience, not only in the room but also the wider international audience who will be viewing.  In particular, the average knowledge level of the audience needs to be assessed.  If in doubt, explain any acronyms, phrases, concepts etc. that might not be understood by a gene...